3D Slash
About 3D Slash
3D Slash is praised as the easiest 3D modeling tool on the market.
Its unique interface offers an intuitive and captivating experience: using a set of tools, users create models by "slashing a cube".
In the context of fast-developing 3D technologies, 3D Slash is on a mission: to make 3D creation accessible to all.
3D Slash is integrated with many key players in the 3D ecosystem and expanding its range of partnerships.
3D Slash is seeing strong traction and is being used for a variety of uses, including design thinking, prototyping, scale modeling and digital entertainment. It is also used as an educational tool by a growing community of STEM teachers.
The Team
Sylvain Huet
CEO and creator of 3D Slash.
Sylvain Huet is a French engineer and entrepreneur. He was a pioneer of virtual worlds with the Second World in the 90s, and objects connected with the Nabaztag in the 2000s.
More on Sylvain’s work: www.sylvain-huet.com
Quentin Jacomet
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