3D Slash
3D Slash at school
3D Slash is a fantastic tool at school, either in STEM class or for the younger ones. Join the growing community of teachers already using it.

Teachers love 3D Slash
"Everything about 3D Slash is just easy to understand and my 7th graders need little to no guidance once they have the basics. Very intuitive, kids love it. The admin screen is also very well thought out - I can manage all files quiclky and save a lot of time and manipulations."
Jim ReedMultimedia Lab Teacher, Forestview Middle School, MN
"I found 3D Slash a while ago and decided to give it a shot for my 2nd graders. The kids LOVE working with it. Those with Minecraft experience took right to it, and those without picked up most of the tools in a short amount of time. Overall, this have been the perfect tool for this level of student so far."
Andy McKeanLower School Technology Coordinator, Phoenix Country Day School, AZ

Benefits for pupils
Trick children into 3D modeling and engineering!
For younger children (5-7 years old)
For elder pupils (8-12 and up)

Benefits for teachers
Captivate children
What to do in 3D Slash?

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