3D Slash
Workshops for kids


Thanks to 3D Slash, kids discover modeling in a fast and fun way!

Catering demand from educators, fablabs, kids club, libraries ..., we have developed a series of workshops for 6-12+ years old kids, to discover 3D printing and modeling making a face, a castle, a keychain and much more!


Exercise 1: Make a 3D face
You are about to create your first 3D design!
Click "Start now" and follow the video tutorial. Learn how to navigate in 3D view, and create with the hammer, the trowel and the paintbrush.


Exercise 2: Build a castle
Go further and make your own castle! Click "Start" and follow the video tutorial. You will discover the basic and color tools.
When you are done with the guidelines, build towers and customize your own castle.


Exercise 3: Make a keychain from a picture
Learn how to make a keychain using pictures of your own!
Click "Start now" and follow the video tutorial. Learn how to import a picture in 3D Slash, and cut precisely around it to make a 3D design.

Other workshops available on Slideshare


Candy dispenser workshop
Here is a crazy workshop case to discover 3D file platforms and teach 3D modeling.

Big reward: it works for smarties and skittles !

Access the workshop document on Slideshare

Workshop for adults


Repair workshop
Thanks to 3D Slash, you can repair or reproduce an object in no time !

Here is a 1h30' turnkey workshop you can organize at your fablab, library, makerspace... that will introduce participants to using 3D printing to repair an object.

Access the workshop document on Slideshare