3D Slash
What can you do in 3D Slash?
In a variety of cases, 3D Slash will be an essential tool to you: discover just a sample of our users' creations. All models are clickable: open them in 3D Slash and get started now!
Design projects
In STEM class, for professional or personal use
Scale Models Design Thinking
Internet of Things cases & parts Miniatures and Toys
View in VR
New in 3D Slash! Press « V » and view in VR mode
Create logos or text plates
For yourself or your brand
Design your logo or text easily
Design your booth and optimize it
Create gifts and arts & craft items
Ornaments and pieces of jewelry
Fun creations to paint and share
3D Slash in History, Geography or Architecture class
Design monuments of the world or Antique sites
For the younger ones
Manipulate basic 3D shapes playfully
Create or decorate toys

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