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3D Slash is also available as a local app for your computer. The local app is more powerful than the web version, due to technical limitations of browsers.
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What's new with version 3.2.1?

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What's new with version 3.2.1?
3.2.1 (25th February 2020)
- push-finger tool! adjust your shape with a simple click
- improved ergonomics: it's now easier to move the camera around a small part
- new exporter : GLB format
- optimised synchronization
- minor fixes

3.1.0 (23rd June 2017)
- SOUNDS: you can now enjoy the sound of your tools!
- high definition: the HD mode is now available when you create a model from a text or a picture.
- improved wording
- improved ergonomics: symmetrical stretch of shapes (unless you press shift or ctrl), ...

3.0.0 (23rd February 2017)
- the "engraving" feature. Use any drawing as a stencil for your hammer. You can engrave a word, a logo, a shape or even a simple hole! Just type a word or import a picture and start to engrave! It simplifies some of the previous operations on complex shapes.
- new export interface.
- export by color. Even if your purpose is monochrome 3D printing, it is a good practice to use different colors for each part of your creation: you can export a STL file for each separate color.
- export FBX and Collada. 3D Slash is not only about 3D printing. A lot of softwares --games like Second Life, tools like Unity-- need 3D user generated content. The new FBX and Collada exporters convert your models in an optimized way, in respect with the scale you selected.
- export LOD (Level Of Detail). You can export different Levels Of Detail, from your precise model to a simple cube. Most softwares appreciate this as it is the best way to optimize the 3D rendering of a complex scene.
- high definition: the local app simplifies the access to the high definition in a very understandable way. High definition means that you are working with the smallest cubes.
- new file manager: drag&drop to move files from one folder to another.
- renaming of some tools.
- new animations.
- improved ergonomics: more intuitive, less click, ...

2.6.0 (18th July 2016)
- new file manager, consistent with the new file manager on the web side
- support folders (folders are managed on the web side)
- automatic filenames
- simplified export process
- enhanced HD feature: defines the resolution of all import or paste operations
- minor fixes
- new tutorials

2.5.1 (10th May 2016)
- the "projector" feature has been fully redesigned
- the graphpaper is still there for precise work, but you can now adjust the projection directly on the model
- you can still use the projected picture to guide your work, but you can now transfer the picture on the model as with decal. Use your finger if you have a touchscreen!
- as a projected picture you can define a text and select the police and the color.
- as a projected picture you can use png files with transparency.
- new lighting of the model
- the chisel works in 3D! It used to work only on flat surfaces. Now you can even slash a sphere!
- the magnifying glass prevents you from working with small size and an unappropriate zoom. It will first zoom in automatically in order to get you a better visibility and precision.
- the user interface has been simplified and improved
- new units : feet and meters. You can imagine buildings, bridges,...